Tables & Desks

What to expect

The redwood that we supply for tables and desks are cut into slabs. Depending on our inventory, we also have oak, madrone, maple, buckeye, and myrtle wood. In this section, you will see wood slabs that have nice live edges. They can be paired with wood bases, steel legs, or whatever you decide. Some of the slabs are cut from the stump and feature vertical grain. Other slabs are cut from burl and feature burl and/or curly grain. The length can vary from 18″ to 114″, which makes these slabs good for coffee tables, dining tables, entry way tables, etc.  The thickness ranges from 1.5-3.5″. Some of the most unique pieces are cut from redwood burl and have remarkable shapes and burl grain in them.

Customize your own

If you would like to customize a piece, let us know how we can help you by calling (707) 441-1658 or email us at

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