Mantels and Shelves

Mantels and shelves are an essential focal point in most homes, and can convey an instant message of style like few other focal points can.

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Photos below show these different basic styles of mantels:

  • Timber mantels which are more or less straight (“milled”) on all 4 sides.
  • Live edge mantels which are straight on 3 sides and “live” on the front edge. Great for bar tops, slab tables, etc too.
  • Root mantels which are only cut on the top and back and have a live edge front and bottom with the wild rooty details. Very rustic and cool.

I can make mantels up to 20′ wide and way beyond, and most any size deep and tall. No fireplace? No problem! Shelving is an important focal point as well and can add all the impact of a mantel at any size.

CORBELS: I can cut corbels (the pieces that hold up the ends) to match the look of the mantel.

Simple Corbel

Sometimes even if corbels are not needed, if a mantel or shelf is attached to the wall in another way, it’s a nice beefy look.

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