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We believe this old growth redwood burl is the world’s largest burl.

Interview with George Buck, written by Christina Perkins

George Buck, owner of RedwoodBurlSource.com, is shown at far left.

Where was the Burl found?

This old growth redwood burl was found in Humboldt County in the Northern California area of Big Lagoon. On the property of Louisiana Pacific Timber Company.

When was the burl found?


Who found the Burl?

The worlds biggest burl was found by some of the old-time loggers who worked for Louisiana Pacific Timber Company. They told us about this burl and where it was located.

We talked with the Louisiana Pacific Timber Company about it. They put the burl up for auction and our bid got it.

How big was the burl?

The burl was 118 feet in diameter and stood 19 feet above ground. An additional 10 feet was found below ground.

How much did the Burl weigh?

This old growth redwood burl weighed between 800,000 and 1,000,000 pounds.

What happened to the burl?

Approximately half of the burl was sold to a company in Italy to make Veneer. They cut 1/42 inch thick sheets of veneer and sold them to Saudi Arabia where it was used to make desk tops, table tops, and wall paneling.

The other half of the burl stayed at Burl Wood Industry and was cut into slabs. Many of those slabs were sold to Ueda Industries in Japan, while the rest was used for making redwood burl furniture by our company.

A google search for “World’s largest burl” returns results for this Sitka Spruce burl located in Port McNeill, B.C.
But we believe our old growth Redwood burl is the world’s largest burl on record.
If you disagree, and have photos of a larger burl, let’s discuss it. Contact gbuckjr2@gmail.com

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