Redwood Burl – George Buck Eureka, CA

Redwood Burl Source History

George Buck, owner of Redwood Burl Source, is a living legend in the Redwood Burl industry of Northern California.  Buck’s business developed from landscaping company in the Carmel Valley area in 1967.  While working on a project in Pebble Beach, his clients needed some landscaping stones and driftwood. George drove North searching for the right pieces. On this particular trip to Northern California, he saw workers cutting redwood slabs and instantly fell in love with burl wood.  George then bought a chainsaw and learned really fast that he needed to sharpen it. Proof that he was a newbie to the game, but not for long. He cut several burl slabs, took them back to Carmel Valley, and the response was tremendous.  Read More..

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