Redwood Burl Source | Est. 1967

Redwood Live Edge Slab and Burl Source

Welcome to Here you can put George Buck’s 50 years of experience handling premium California Redwood to work for you. Check our our offerings of live edge slabs, turning blocks, luthier’s guitar wood, carving wood, river table pieces, wall art pieces, and anything else you can imagine creating from this gorgeous figured wood.

Sustainably harvested!
Our magnificent burls and slab wood are salvaged from trees cut down 100 years ago. 

Shown above: World’s Largest Redwood Burl. George Buck, owner of, is shown seated at the far left.

Looking for a Project?

Epoxy resin tables are more than popular! Look at our selection of Live Edge Burl to create a River Table your friends will envy!

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